All that Glitters



It starts with a ring. Countless articles have been written on picking the right one, but here’s a quick recap: a ring should reflect your beloved’s style and essence. Even more important than stone size is the thought and care you put into picking the one she’ll want to wear forever.

The ring isn’t a bride’s only piece of jewelry, however. Choosing the right pieces to complement (and not compete with) your gown is essential. For a dress with a high neckline, for example, it may be best to forego a necklace in favor of sparkly earrings, and bare arms beg to be adorned with a gorgeous bracelet. Try to pick one statement piece of jewelry as the centerpiece and keep the others simple so as not to overpower your look.

Another idea is to use jewelry to fill one of the four classic must-haves, “something blue.” Coordinating earrings and necklace in blue can be absolutely stunning.

Diamonds were first discovered in India, and thought to offer protection from the combined forces of evil. Ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were delicate splinters of fallen stars. The word “diamond” is derived from the Greek word adamas, which means “the unconquerable.” As Mother Nature’s hardest substance, diamonds represent invincible strength, a fitting gem for the marriage covenant. Associated with everything from innocence to unconquerable protection, perhaps why the diamond became the betrothal gift of choice for lads and ladies.


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