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Flowers are the workhorses of a wedding. They decorate both the ceremony and the reception, they can be found on every table, adorning the cake, in the hands of the bridal party and pinned to nearly everyone of importance. Flowers convey the wedding’s theme, the bride’s taste, and add elegance to a venue. Waneita Bovan of June’s Floral Company says that flowers have a transformative effect in spaces that are otherwise ordinary. “Flowers create a finished look and bring freshness to the overall impression of a room. They are the icing on the cake!” she said.

Waneita says that floral trends for next year are all about romance and sentiment. “Cascade bouquets are coming back around,” she commented, “because that flowing, soft look is perfect for a day dedicated to love.” Another trend is incorporating sentimental objects into the bride’s bouquet. “Some brides intermix heirlooms, such as brooches, into their bouquet for the nostalgia and uniqueness it provides.” In the end, flowers are the garnish that makes a wedding a special occasion, lending that wow factor that nothing else can give.

As far back as medieval times, brides carried bouquets during their walk down the aisle. Those bouquets were not flowers, however, but bundles of dill and garlic. In a time when The Black Death was rampant, these medicinal herbs had a far more useful purpose than modern bouquets.

Floral arrangements by June’s Floral co.


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