Get Out There! Winter Training Tips


Winter is here! In order to maintain your fitness and stay physically active all year long, training through the cold Michigan winter is a must-do. Here are some ways to get your routine locked in and be safe and healthy when exercising outdoors in the winter:

  • Find a friend/group to train with. When it gets cold outside, it can be hard to stay motivated and stay consistently active. Having a friend or group of friends who regularly meet up to get the workout in will help you hold yourself accountable and get you out the door – you can’t let them down!
  • Start a training log. This is one of the most important aspects of your training. Keep track of your exercise routines or other physical activity, including details such as where you went, notes on how you felt during and afterward, and whether you have any aches or pains. This adds structure to what you’re doing and allows you to revisit your training history at a later date to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Invest in the right apparel. This means treating yourself to a pair of tights or pants, a long-sleeve tech shirt, jacket, thick socks, hat and gloves. If you dress properly, you can handle just about any outdoor temperature. Having nice workout clothes will also help motivate you to use them regularly!
  • Don’t forget to stay hydrated. It’s easy to think about drinking water when the weather is warm, but you need just as much water in your system when it’s cold. Between sweating and the water vapor that you breathe out, your body still needs plenty of fluids during physical activity in the cold.



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