Genesys, St. Mary’s & St. Joseph Health Officially Adopt Ascension Name



Ascension Michigan’s statewide brand integration project concludes with the renaming of all Genesys, St. Mary’s of Michigan and St. Joseph Health System hospitals with the Ascension name. This rebranding creates a clear and consistent identity with the Ascension brand across the state. The new naming structure leads with the Ascension brand name followed by the local legacy name.

“Our name and brand stand for the promise of compassionate, personalized care every day at every site of care,” said Christopher Palazzolo, regional president, Ascension Genesys. “Our associates and providers have fulfilled this promise for generations, and will continue to do so as Ascension hospitals well into the future.”

In addition to the hospitals, all Genesys, St. Mary’s and St. Joseph sites of care will be rebranded with the Ascension name. In the coming months, exterior and interior signage, and branded materials at hospitals and facilities will be updated with the Ascension name and logo.

“Having a unified national brand is a visible reminder for our patients and our communities of our founder’s visionary promise, lived out in present time by providing healthcare that works, healthcare that is safe, and healthcare that leaves no one behind,” said Dr. Stephanie Duggan, regional president, Ascension St. Mary’s, Ascension Standish and Ascension St. Joseph.

In September of 2016, Ascension Michigan announced the unification of the Ascension brand across Michigan. The first step in this process took place this past June with the rebranding of Ascension Michigan hospitals and outpatient facilities in Southeast Michigan.

“Our health system’s integration is aimed at sharing our unwavering commitment to quality and safety, efficiencies, combined knowledge and best practices, while enhancing our ability to deliver a coordinated care experience to all we serve,” said Joseph Cacchione, M.D., FACC, senior vice president, Ascension Healthcare, and Ministry Market Executive, Ascension Michigan.


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