From the PublisherWellness Fall 2020


Dear Readers,

“Stay Healthy.”

For many months, we’ve all been using this phrase to wish people well – ending text and email messages and conversations with two words that have taken on new meaning since the worldwide health crisis changed our lives in so many ways.

“Healthy” can mean many things: recently, it means we’re coronavirus-free. To some, it means a chronic health issue has improved; to others, it means that in general, they’re feeling pretty good. I think most of us feel we could be “healthier” – eat more healthfully, exercise more, get more rest. Some people spent their “lockdown” time pursuing new fitness and diet habits while others chose to binge on TV shows and “eat their feelings” (both responses appropriate to the situation, in my book.) It seems that working out either took a backseat to everything else, or it became a way to preserve one’s sanity because beyond the physical, our mental health has also been affected. Of course, it’s all connected – and the path to healthy living lives can be littered with obstacles.

“The Path to Health” is the theme for this issue of Wellness. I know – health info is literally everywhere you look; but we’ve got articles on a number of topics all in one place, including input from local healthcare providers. Nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, sleep … we all know about the pillars of good health, but how do we improve on what we’re doing and make them stronger? I hope you find an answer or at least, some inspiration in our fall issue.

Many of our readers were inspired to participate in voting to recognize local healthcare professionals and facilities. The list of My City Wellness Award Winners and we congratulate them all.

Fall can be an inspiring season, even if we’re desperately missing college football! I think we will all welcome the end of 2020 – and we’ll be back in 2021 with the winter issue of Wellness. Thanks to my excellent team for their extra work getting this quarterly issue together.

Thanks for reading and stay healthy, everyone.


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