From the Publisher – “Wellness Winter 2016”


As the second issue of My City Wellness hits the streets, I want to take a moment to explain why I decided to publish a health related magazine. We would all undoubtedly agree that we live in the Information Age; the last decade of the Internet has put the power of the world’s information banks at the end of a mouse-click. Therefore, one might ask, Why offer a periodical on health topics when I can get the info on the Web? My answer: if there is one thing we’ve learned over the last decade, it’s that not everything you read on the Internet is factual. It may have a slant, be completely false or one-sided, or it can be presented in the form of an infomercial. Maybe what you find about the new drug that you are researching was written by the company that makes the drug … you get the idea.

Health is extremely important to everyone, and that is why I decided to publish Wellness. We reached out to members of the local medical community and found leaders in their respective fields to write about technology, research, surgical procedures, pain management, addiction, healthcare costs and more. The scientists and health professionals who contribute content to this magazine are not compensated in any way. They have all been excited to have a quality publication in which to offer their expertise. We want to provide brief, informative pieces that answer your questions, or encourage you to seek guidance from these qualified local professionals. Our common objective is to help you and the ones you love live a healthier life.

On the cover is Dr. Michael McCann, Chief of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care at Hurley Medical Center and an expert at performing surgeries with the daVinci® Surgical System. We are so fortunate to have access to this amazing robotic technology in our area. Sometimes, access to the right medical procedures comes too late. I know you’ll be moved by our cover story, “Tommy’s Heart: His Spirit Lives On.” The family of a young man whose life was cut short is working to keep others from experiencing their loss. There are many other interesting topics covered in this issue, thanks to our contributors.

I will close by wishing you a happy and healthy New Year – and thanks for reading My City Wellness.


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