From the Publisher – Wellness Summer 2017


Dear Readers,

As a health-conscious person, I consider myself one who stays up-to-speed with health-related news, and I always learn something from each issue of Wellness. For that, I have to thank our contributing writers – 12 in this issue – who generously share their vast knowledge with our readers. They offer a great variety of subjects in this issue, and have told me that they appreciate the opportunity to write for a publication of this caliber.

I also get comments on our local interest focus – a hallmark of My City Magazine. There’s plenty of that in this issue, beginning with our profile of Chad Grant, the new CEO/President of McLaren Flint (p.10). We also take a look at organ donation, with some “myth vs. fact” and stories of two local people who are waiting for kidney transplants. Many of us are unaware of the health issues that some people struggle with; but, others – like Andy Younger, Crim Race Director – step up to help a friend in need in a very big way.

I was very encouraged by the “Hope, Not Handcuffs” piece about a new program to help drug addicts reclaim their lives. We also have Part 2 of our series on addiction – a look at opiates and an organization working to raise awareness of the dangers of prescription narcotics – a huge problem in our area.

Greater Flint residents are so fortunate to have access to several top-notch hospital facilities. In this issue, we highlight a procedure to treat atrial fibrillation (AFib) that, in Michigan, is performed only at Genesys Heart Institute. Fascinating! We’re also happy to have local newswoman, Leslie Toldo, share her personal story about AFib.

Our team has spent a lot of time “Inside the O.R.” – this series has been so educational and exciting for me, personally. For this issue, we observed procedures performed by two surgeons: Dr. Susan Mosier-Laclair, and my ophthalmologist and friend, Dr. Jeffrey Rohr. We have much, much more to share with you in this special and exclusive series.

While we explore very serious topics in Wellness, we also try to leave you with a smile once in a while. Check out the piece on the Genesys Pet Therapy Program for a healthy dose of “warm and fuzzy.”

On that note, enjoy the warm weather … and be well!


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