From the Publisher November 2022


Dear Readers,

At the time of this writing, we’re enjoying a lovely “Second Summer” – a blessing for those of us not quite ready for the white stuff. Of course this is Michigan so by the time you read this, we could have snow on the ground, just in time for Thanksgiving.

November starts the holiday season and it is also Adoption Awareness Month. We have the story of a young, local couple who created a happy family that includes two adopted boys – so inspiring.

Gracing our cover is Gwen Pennyman-Hemphill, a talented singer and actor who started entertaining Flint audiences back in the ‘70s. She has quite an interesting musical pedigree. The photos of Gwen were taken at the New McCree Theatre, which is highlighted in our “My Arts” feature. They have settled into their home on Clio Road and recently announced upcoming productions; if you’re an aspiring actor, they’re looking for you!

Aspiring to greatness in the sport of golf – and succeeding big time – is Grand Blanc High School senior, Kate Brody. Last month, she added a second Division 1 state title to a long list of achievements and will continue her golf career at the University of Wisconsin.

A story that began many years ago is highlighted in a “My History” piece. Podunk House & Pioneer Museum is located less than a mile from my home in Fenton Township and I must admit that for years, I didn’t know it was there! The house was built in 1836 by the area’s first settler and his family has worked to preserve it … well, you can read the rest!

A round-up of the final fall “Haps” can be found in this issue. It’s time for holiday events to commence and My City will be there!

I thank you for reading and wish you a blessed Thanksgiving!


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