“From the Publisher” – May 2016


With this issue, we wrap up MCM Volume 3!

I feel we’ve been achieving our mission to produce a top-quality, entertaining and honorable publication; it’s fitting that this cover is graced by my friend, Judge Duncan Beagle – as honorable as they come. For the past 25 years, Genesee County citizens have been fortunate to be served by an adjudicator of his character and caliber. My thanks to Duncan for fitting My City into his very busy schedule – I’m proud to have his story in this issue.

Judge Beagle’s “My Day” feature begins a section highlighting some members of the local legal community – Flint has a rich history of top-notch firms and lawyers who also give back. Check out the piece on the Share Art Project directed by Attorney Shelly Spivack, a collaboration between Buckham Gallery and Genesee Valley Regional Art Center that helps troubled kids in an amazing way.

The word “amazing” might seem over-used; but amazing things are happening all over My City. Under the “Outreach” header is a piece on former U.S. Marine, George F. Grundy, II – the first Flint resident to live in a Habitat for Humanity home that also houses a business venture. He’s helping fellow veterans and many others in need – so cool. And, read about Crossover Downtown Outreach Ministry – churches combining forces to do whatever they can to meet people’s basic needs, partnering with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and relying on donations and volunteers. They’re out there on the front lines.

I only have so much space and there’s so much more! We talked to meteorologist, John McMurray, the venerable ABC12 fixture for decades who is now enjoying semi-retirement; and my friend Fred Hensler, who is still finding new directions for his energy, passion and business acumen.

I have to mention Crossroads Village, celebrating 40 years of Flint-style fun; and the Flint Motorcycle Club, going the extra mile to create opportunities for fun that benefit many Greater Flint kids. And our “Flashback” to Safetyville, USA stirred many fun memories for MCM fans. Our “My History” pieces are so popular – we recognize National Hamburger Month with a look back at Kewpee Hotel Hamburgs. I bet you’re dreaming of a QP Deluxe right now … with olives, of course.

Local singer/musician, Manny Torres, chased a dream and did us all proud with his showing on the final season of American Idol. The Flushing native chatted with MCM about his life-changing experience.

From stories about Community, Giving and Outreach, to Arts, Music, Sports and Passion, local Eats, Style, Fun, Flashbacks and History – it’s in this magazine. Of course, there are always so many “Haps” for us to cover; most of them raise funds for worthy causes, including the Flint institutions that enrich so many lives.

We’ll kick off MCM Volume 4 in June by announcing the winners of the 2016 City’s Choice Awards. At this writing (with five days left to vote), we’ve received more than 11,000 votes … now, that’s exciting!

vince3 Vince Lorraine, Publisher & Editor in Chief vince@mycitymag.com

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