From the Publisher August 2018


Dear Readers,

As summer begins to wind down, Greater Flint residents will wrap up the season with a bang! August brings world class events including Back to the Bricks and The Crim, and so many other unique opportunities to enjoy music, food and the arts. Our “Can’t Miss List” always has great suggestions.

Over the last decade, those who call Flint home have watched our city transform, and MCM has been there to follow much of the exciting growth. We’re in tune with the reinvigoration. I feel that the most exciting addition will be the Flint Cultural Center Academy, planned to open in fall, 2019. I served on the Flint Institute of Music’s Board of Trustees for many years and was Chairman for the last three. During that time, I saw the vision for the new school that will soon be a reality – giving kids access to the arts, music, dance and theater. Providing our kids with the best education must be a priority, for it is the great equalizer that sets them up to live their best life. Read about the new school starting on.

Many kids grow up in “less than ideal” situations – like those who don’t have a father in their life. As a father, I’m impressed with the story by Lisa Briggs about Shon Hart and his InvolvedDad program. Sometimes, a kid just needs a little motivation. Read about the high school student awards program created by Judge Herman Marable to promote career goals (p.28). Both men are giving of themselves to help others succeed and we’re proud to share their stories.

We always like to highlight Downtown Flint, and what better way than to feature some of the shops on the bricks? If you haven’t shopped Downtown lately, take a look at to see what you’re missing. When you need a break from shopping, stop over to the Farmers’ Market for a bite at B-Dogs – check out “My Eats” and you’ll see why!

If you never go Downtown because you think there’s nothing to do, take a look at our “My Haps” section theres a couple hundred faces! And, a great rainy-day activity is available at Courtland Center: Sloan Museum has an amazing dinosaur exhibit there until next year.

A highlight of my summer is sitting on my deck at home watching the Lake Fenton Sail Club catch wind on the north end. Our photographer, Jenn Hodney went out on the lake with club members to get some action shots and our beautiful cover photo.

Enjoy the rest of your summer … and this issue of My City.


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