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As I walk through the My City offices observing my dedicated team working overtime to finish our second issue, it dawns on me that I’m fulfilling a dream.

During my 30+ years as a Flint businessman, I’ve been fortunate to have incredible support from my community. In turn, I’ve enjoyed opportunities to give back: serving as an elected official, accepting invitations to sit on several boards; however, I’ve always dreamt of giving back in a way that rewards Flint for its greatness and potential. I believe that publishing My City Magazine is the way.

Our goal is to continue presenting stories that highlight the strengths and uniqueness of Flint and area citizens. This issue is packed with stories about social events and fundraisers, longstanding job creators and little known entrepreneurs, landmark hot spots and the people investing in Downtown’s growth. We’re happy to have stories about a devoted educator, top local students, more Flint history and some of the people reaching out to those in need. The team joked about calling this our “Shoe Issue” – we’ve got ballet shoes, custom made shoes, sneakers as formalwear, and men walking Downtown in women’s shoes – ouch – for a good cause, of course (see pg. 8). I could go on about our content; suffice it to say it’s diverse and inspiring.

I want to thank everyone who took time to talk with our writers and make these stories possible. A special thanks to the gentlemen of Uptown Development for allowing My City to feature them. As many of us do, they truly believe in “their city” and its potential for continued positive change. Many thanks, as well, to the hundreds of new “fans” who sent kudos and congrats – my team is touched and encouraged by the kind words pouring in. In the first week after the inaugural My City hit the streets, we received over 400 subscription requests. We are both humbled and determined to continue producing a valuable magazine, and we will make it happen.

Thank you for helping me make a dream come true … enjoy this month’s My City.


Vince Lorraine, Publisher & Editor in Chief



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