Celebrate National Boy Scouts Day This Weekend!


Saturday, February 8, is National Boy Scouts Day. This day was created to honor the anniversary of the founding of the Boy Scouts of America by newspaperman, William Dickson Boyce in 1910. Since its founding the Boy Scouts of America, have helped millions of young boys and men do good deeds, learn survival skills and develop a high-character foundation. Now, the Boy Scouts organization is open to both young men and young women to learn and grow with a “Scout’s Honor.”

The organization preaches strong American values but was modeled after the Boy Scouts program in Great Britain, started by Lord Robert Baden-Powell, who had written a book entitled Scouting for Boys in 1908. While in London, William Boyce became lost on a foggy day when a boy scout came to his assistance. The boy guided Boyce to his destination and when he offered to pay the boy, the young man refused exclaiming that he was doing a good deed. Boyce was inspired. Upon returning to the United States, Boyce filed the paperwork and the Boy Scouts of America was born in 1910 – the result of a singular good deed.

The organization has made a great impact in the United States through the years with numerous past presidents, intellectuals, leaders and astronauts belonging to the organization.



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