Applewood Estate 2017 Season Opening May 4-7th


My City Magazine was on hand April 27 for a sneak preview of the “New Behind the Scenes Tour” at Applewood Estate. Handy Lindsey, President of the Ruth Mott Foundation, was there to welcome us. According to Lindsey, since opening the home up for tours last year, they’ve had over 38,000 visitors. With their curiosity piqued, visitors responded by asking Applewood if they could see more of the home and learn more about the Mott family. Exclusive areas of the home, including the downstairs bowling alley, are now available for public viewing this season.

Megan McAdow, Director of Collections and Education, took us through the New Behind the Scenes Tour, including the master bedroom and children’s rooms. The Applewood Estate, according to McAdow, is relatively unchanged over the 80 years the family lived there and the furniture is almost all from when they originally bought the house in 1917. McAdow and the Collections Assistant, Malcolm Cottle along with the rest of the warm and welcoming staff at Applewood, offered fascinating details and insight into the Mott family throughout the tour.

Visitors can view the writing table where Ruth Mott would pen the countless thank you notes and cards she was well known for, and guests can also learn the secrets found in several hidden safes throughout the Applewood Estate. In addition, visitors will get the first glimpse at the regulation-size bowling alley in the Mott family basement, featuring a hand-crank-operated pin-setter, for the first time ever viewable by the public.

The 2017 season lasts from May 4-October 29. Applewood is open 11am to 5pm Thursday through Sunday. Tours and parking are always free, but please reserve your place for a tour in advance. To plan your visit, go to


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