A Love Letter to Our Wonderful City


Dear Flint,

Forty years. Forty races. Four hundred miles. It’s a long time, a lot of pavement covered, and lot of good that has been accomplished.

Who knew, when we first met on that hot, August day in 1977, that 40 years later we’d still be running together, bigger and stronger than ever? Who knew that bringing a bunch of people to run around on your streets could generate such joy and inspire so many? Back then, we thought it might be a one-weekend fling, and that you’d move on to the next great thing. But you called back.

crim-3You said this was good, and worth trying again. We thought, “What the heck? Let’s do it.”

Over the years, we’ve only grown from there, in people and in spirit. We’ve nurtured each other through good times and bad, picked each other up, pressed each other on to the next mile, the next year, the next race.

Now, together, our light shines brighter than ever – a light that is needed now more than ever. We are stepping onto paths unknown … the turns and hills ahead will present unimaginable challenges. But, we both know that as long as we stick together and carry each other forward, we’ll find the right course, pass mile after mile, and finally, we’ll make that last turn onto the bricks and see the FINISH line in the distance. We’ll cross that line together and know we’ve made it!

The next day, we’ll get up and get ready for the next one. Tired, yes; but together – stronger and unafraid of the road ahead. We’re so glad we found each other, and so glad we both said, “Yes.”

The Crim


There is nothing ordinary about the relationship between the Crim and the entire Flint community. It’s an extraordinary festival of races in an extraordinary city. We also happen to be celebrating an extraordinary milestone this year: the 40th Crim 10-mile race.

If ever there was a year to be a part of the Crim’s races and celebration, this is it! Saturday, August 27 will be the day to run – or walk – the Crim 10-Mile, 8K, 5K, or Teddy Bear Trot. The night before, our Michigan Mile kicks the whole thing off with a fun one-mile around UM-Flint’s beautiful campus. The celebration really gets going at the post-race festival downtown. Even if you can’t do the race, you won’t want to miss the fun downtown.

Don’t do it just because it’s a special anniversary, or because the courses will be filled with racers and cheering spectators like never before, or even because it’s the best party in Flint every year. Do it to show thousands of people from around the state, country and world that we are a loving community full of tenacity, perseverance, and that whatever challenges lay ahead, we can get through them.

“Every year at the Crim, I’m reminded why I love this city so much,” says John Walter, longtime Crim runner, Crim board member, and son of original Crim racer, Dan Walter. “The excitement builds all summer, and you can feel the spirit lifting around the city. There are just no other races like it, and no other events like it in Flint.”

crim-2As an event, the Crim has evolved from a 10-Mile race for serious local runners and international elites, to the HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races. While the elites and major competitors still come, the Crim’s true power lies in its inspiration of hundreds of thousands of people who, at one time in their lives, never thought they’d ever run a mile, let alone a 5K, 8K, or 10 miles.

And the Crim hasn’t stopped there. Since 2005, the Crim Fitness Foundation has created opportunities for people in Greater Flint to live healthier by teaching and encouraging a lifestyle focused on physical activity, nutrition and mindfulness. The Crim reaches children and adults all year long, in classrooms, after-school programming and summer programs. As always, the Crim is able to do this in partnership with hundreds of organizations, companies and individuals throughout the community. Now, the Crim is leading the effort to bring Community Education back to the Flint Community Schools and is working with partners to bring sports, nutrition, and health and wellness resources directly to the community.


This all happens thanks to wonderful support from the Greater Flint community. One hundred percent of the Crim’s race proceeds go to making people in and around Flint healthier, year-round. Even if running or walking at this year’s Crim isn’t a possibility, the new I Crim for Flint fundraiser campaign allows anyone, anywhere to help us make a difference.

So whether you run, walk, volunteer, come down to celebrate, or contribute to our programs, we invite you to Crim for Flint this year. We’ll be doing it all year long and can’t wait to see you!

More info about all Crim events, activities and programs can be found at www.crim.org.
Jump In. Help Flint. Join the I Crim for Flint Fundraiser

The outpouring of concern for residents in the aftermath of the water crisis has been phenomenal. People everywhere are asking what they can do for Flint. You can Crim for Flint! Take your Crim race one step further and help support the nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness programs and education that health experts tell us help mitigate the effects of lead exposure. To learn how you can start an I Crim for Flint fundraising team, visit www.icrim.org.


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