The Andiamo Fenton Experience


Exciting things are happening at Andiamo Fenton!

The popular eatery has been serving authentic Italian cuisine to their loyal customers since they opened their doors in February 2019. General Manager Brian McCurdy says the owners of the family restaurant chain have been putting much time and effort into coming up with some new and exciting enhancements – to make the Andiamo experience even better!

To address the growing popularity of carryout, a new menu was created. “We want to provide different options for our customers to have good food at home,” McCurdy explains. A separate division of the restaurant was created just for to-go orders, as well as special parking spaces for curbside pickup.

One of the new items on the carryout menu is a whole baked muffuletta, which feeds 8-13 people. The delectable sandwich is made with Italian hero-style cold cuts, olive and tomato salad, fontina and mozzarella cheeses and a red wine vinaigrette.”Muffuletta is an amazing bread!” the general manager exclaims. It can be sold by the slice or the whole sandwich, which is cut like a pizza. The carryout menu also features a variety of calzones, panini sandwiches and authentic Italian pizza pies.

Well known for its made-from-scratch fare, Andiamo Fenton is and will always be a “celebration” restaurant.

A new wine menu is in the works and will be available sometime this month, McCurdy states, with a new dinner menu planned to debut by the end of summer. The new menu will feature several different dishes, all with an Italian twist. “We will keep a lot of the menu items we are known for,” McCurdy says. A few of the customer favorites that will remain on the menu include the very popular Lasagna alla Bolognese, filet mignon, and Frutti di Mare Pasta (Italian for “fruits of the sea”) which is made with succulent pan-seared scallops, mussels, shrimp, calamari, garlic, white wine, tomato and hand-made pasta.

The new wine list is being created by an Andiamo corporate sommelier who is choosing some exciting new wines from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. “We are trying to focus on wines that pair well with Italian food,” McCurdy adds.

Another thing that makes Andiamo Fenton stand out is their ability to create options for diners who have food allergies and special dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose intolerance, to name a few. “Our staff is trained on food allergies,” McCurdy notes. “We really pride ourselves on being able to accommodate our customer’s various needs. We can make adjustments or substitutions without changing the dish. It is important to us to maintain the integrity of the original dish as much as possible.”

McCurdy is especially excited about some other ideas that are in the works, such as food delivery service to the people who live near one of the area’s many lakes. “Boaters can enjoy our amazing food while out on the water!” he exclaims. “We can deliver right to the dock!” Andiamo also has a catering fleet. “We will be as involved as you like – drop-off or full-service.”

Well known for its made-from-scratch fare, Andiamo Fenton is and will always be a “celebration” restaurant. Many of the patrons gather there to celebrate birthdays, graduations, showers and other special occasions. It is also a place for corporate events of all kinds, group meetings and training sessions. “We have a wonderful staff here,” says McCurdy, adding that many employees have been there since the restaurant opened. The staff and new Executive Chef Daniel J. Scannell are committed to providing the best experience possible.

Whether you choose Andiamo Fenton for carryout, catering, curbside pickup or dockside delivery, the management and staff are excited to meet all your needs – inside or outside of the restaurant. “We are known as a celebration restaurant, but we are reasonably priced,” McCurdy adds. “Even if you’re just coming out on a Tuesday night to eat dinner, it will always be a special experience.”




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