From the PublisherWellness Winter 2021


Dear Readers,

Wellness … for many people, the meaning of this word has changed over the past several months – nearly a year at this writing. In our communications with friends, family and co-workers, the phrases “I hope you are well” and “Stay well” have replaced “See you soon,” and “Let’s get together.” We all look forward to the day when we can safely resume our normal lives.

When we published our summer Wellness magazine in the July issue of My City, the world was mid-pandemic and we highlighted some of the multitude of “Hometown Healthcare Heroes’’ with a special section. The fall issue focused on many ways we can live healthier lives, as we chose to remain positive with hope that the health crisis would soon end. I never imagined that the term “COVID-19” would be on our winter cover – but here we are.

You have, no doubt, been bombarded with coronavirus information for many months now, and we can’t ignore the fact that the information is ever-changing – conflicting numbers and confusing claims, some made with no scientific data. You won’t find that here. Pete Hinterman dove into his research to write articles regarding the pandemic, such as a piece on “COVID Fatigue” – something you may be experiencing without knowing it. He offers a very informative article on viruses in general, how COVID-19 is different, and how science moved forward and succeeded in creating vaccines to fight it. We also take a timely look at the interesting and arduous process of vaccine development. At this writing, there is hope that the world has begun recovering.

Hope is a powerful thing – and what makes us feel more hopeful for the future than babies? Our section “The Greatest Gift” contains features on a variety of topics including the Pediatric Public Health Initiative, a joint effort of MSU and Hurley Children’s Hospital. Cheryl Dennison also offers pieces on postpartum depression, teething, and a conversation with Hurley’s Dr. Robert Welch about ultrasound technology. Laura Jamrog, DPM talks about keeping those little baby feet healthy and the section has much more – not to mention some great baby pics.

Finally, we repeat the list of our 2020 Wellness Award Winners, in case you missed it in the fall. If you find one of your healthcare providers on the list, be sure to offer your congrats.

On behalf of Team My City, I wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year!


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