From the Publisher: Wellness Fall 2017


Dear Readers,

With this issue, we begin Volume 3 of My City Wellness. If you’re an MCM subscriber, you received this quarterly issue along with your October My City Magazine. Producing these issues presents our team with an additional challenge – but, I’m always impressed by how they rise to that challenge and create a publication that’s great to look at and very well received.

Equally impressive is the variety of our content written by local healthcare professionals. They are not compensated for these articles, but are simply happy for the chance to offer their knowledge to My City readers. We are highlighting healthcare issues including dentistry, vaccinations, nutrition, and eye and skin health, among others.

One of our regular contributors is Dr. Bobby Mukkamala, an Otolaryngologist and well-known community leader. We’re happy to highlight the news of his recent election to the American Medical Association Board of Trustees and offer him our sincere congratulations on this career achievement.

Of course, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. On our cover is Dr. David Strahle, founder of Regional Medical Imaging, who has developed an alternative breast screening method that is saving lives and receiving acclaim.

MCM is all about stories with local connection. Read about the weight loss journey shared by the Director of Interventional Cardiology at Genesys – Dr. Frank Tilli. We highlight the career of Maureen Tippen, MS, RN, Clinical Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at UM-Flint, who started an International Nursing program that has given students life-changing educational experiences all over the world. Be sure to also check out the stories about a family living with the challenge of two young daughters with Type 1 diabetes, and a Grand Blanc teen who is working to bring the game of baseball to area kids with disabilities.

Finally, our popular “Inside the O.R.” series continues. We’ve observed nearly 20 surgeries! I want to thank the surgeons who have allowed us “behind the curtain” to watch them at work, as well as the facilities in this issue – McLaren Flint, Rohr Eye & Laser Center and Vascular Institute of Michigan – for their cooperation. I’ve enjoyed observing these procedures and am happy to highlight Greater Flint’s abundance of excellent healthcare.

Happy fall to all … be well!


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