Workplace Pets


At these local businesses, furry friends make the workday much more fun!


Fenton’s Open Book
Submitted by Karen Piacentini, Owner

Our 12-year-old liver Dalmatian (brown spots instead of black) spends her days welcoming our customers with a smile and a wagging tail. People often come to the store just to say “hi” to Stormy. While she might not be the best at finding someone a book, she is a very valuable member of our staff.

Baby Shark
R & B Used Books, Grand Blanc
Submitted by Beth Dumity, Owner

On the day after Labor Day, this kitten was discovered curled up in a car’s engine compartment! We heard him crying and attempted to find him – he thought he was being chased and ran to hide in the woods. It took us all day, but with the help of some friends from our local rescue community he was finally trapped that evening. At first, we thought he might have been feral; but the next morning he was allowing us to pet him, even if he was still a bit skittish. Now, he loves people! He is also nicknamed “Detroit Motor Kitty” because of how we found him.

My City Magazine
Submitted by Sherron Barden, Editor

Our beloved Office Pup of 16 years, Oscar, went to Doggie Heaven two years ago. When Stu the Maltipoo came into our lives last year, he was instantly promoted to the position! While he’s still working on his visitor-greeting skills and using his “indoor voice,” his cuteness makes up for it. When he’s not power-napping in my office or attending meetings, he likes to play with his coworkers and check his emails.


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