Under the Radar Michigan Coming to Flint Tomorrow!


Under the Radar Michigan, a popular PBS show is coming to the Flint Public Library tomorrow, August 28, at 6pm. The show’s hosts, Tom Daldin and Jim Edelman, will be on hand to give a presentation about how two “regular guys” ended up with a PBS show and book that feature cool people and places and things that make Michigan a great place to be. The duo will talk about how and why they make their show, and share stories about their Michigan travels. Be sure to bring your questions, your sense of adventure, and your sense of humor, because when Tom and Jim start talking, it’s a wild and crazy ride!

They will also have both of their books The First 50 and The Next 50 available for purchase, along with some other Under the Radar merchandise. If you haven’t seen the Under the Radar Michigan show you can watch the latest episodes by visiting www.utrmichigan.com.  Under the Radar Michigan has won 10 Emmys for Best Program, Best Host, Best Direction, Best Editing and Best Program Promo.



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