Think PAWsitive Humane Society Shares Puppy Kisses & Kitten Cuddles


What a stress reliever – snuggling with an adorable puppy or holding a cuddly kitten in your lap as it purrs away!

The Humane Society of Genesee County recently initiated a program, Think PAWsitive, that gives community members an opportunity to do just that, right at their places of employment. According to Mari Brooks, Community Events Coordinator, Think PAWsitive provides an opportunity for area businesses, schools, retirement homes, nursing homes and others to give people a one-hour break filled with puppy kisses, kitten cuddles and even bunny nuzzles!

Brooks came up with the idea after seeing how excited the Humane Society staff gets when they take in new puppies and kittens. “You can’t be stressed out when you are holding a puppy,” she explains. “It’s nice for people to take a break for an hour and play with them.” The fur babies are all from the shelter, and Brooks is accompanied on the visits by Humane Society Executive Director, Ruth Cantor, who brings along her collie, Gemma, a certified therapy dog, to various venues.

Last month, the Humane Society booked snuggle sessions at eight different places, including Financial Plus Credit Union, Oppenheimer and Company, Retrofoam in Montrose and Flushing High School. A credit union employee adopted one of the puppies the very next day. “At Retrofoam, one woman just started laughing and immediately plopped down on the floor to play with the puppies,” Brooks shares, with a laugh. And the visit to Oppenheimer and Company was a surprise for the employees.” They didn’t know we were coming! They were all so excited the whole time we were there,” Brooks adds.

According to the coordinator, the best thing about Think PAWsitive is that there is no charge for the unique stress reliever. “We will accept a donation, if it’s offered,” she says. Snuggle sessions are available Monday-Friday, from 10am-5pm and must be booked two weeks in advance.

Brooks loves getting out into the community and sharing some puppy, kitten and bunny love. “We just want to brighten someone’s day a little bit.”

Want To Book A Snuggle Session?

For more info about Think PAWsitive or to fill out an online form, you can visit Requests for a snuggle session can also be made by calling Mari Brooks at 810.275.0433 or email

Photos provided by Humane Society of Genesee County


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