The Year of New Places


For most, the birth of a new year means a new beginning, a positive outlook. We leave the old year behind (good riddance) and look toward a bright future. We make plans, create new goals and reevaluate where we are and where we’re headed. For the majority of 2020, where we were was home and (for some) where we were headed was “to work.” We all wanted to get away … but couldn’t. Our trips and vacations were canceled, pastimes and gatherings limited and, although the pandemic continues, the new year brings hope for a return to normalcy. Who’s to say we won’t be able to visit a distant shore or exotic climate in summer or later?

January is notoriously the month for vacation planning and has two days of observance. January 14 is National Shop for Travel Day and to celebrate, you can simply make a list of places you wish to see and then start making it happen. Book tickets, make reservations or begin shopping for accessories. If you are worried that the pandemic will continue throughout the year (there is a chance), think of something closer to home – maybe plan a camping trip or a long hike. Perhaps you plan to enjoy the outdoors more this year; you could invest in a bike, kayak or canoe.

Plan for Vacation Day is observed on January 28 and serves as a reminder that “the early bird gets the worm.” Book now before places fill – due to the pandemic, resorts are expected to be at capacity later in the summer rather than earlier.

As long as people continue to be smart and stay safe, the pandemic should someday end (hopefully soon) and cities and resorts will open. It’s okay to close your eyes and dream of palm trees, beaches, waterfalls … you get the idea.

Have hope! We all need a vacation and, if all goes well, 2021 will be known as the year of new places.



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