The Perfect Wedding CakeTasty Layers Creates Edible Art

The “peek-a-boo” style looks like a typical wedding cake on the front side, and the back side has a theme “peeking” out.

The “peek-a-boo” style looks like a typical wedding cake on the front side, and the back side has a theme “peeking” out.

Choosing the wedding cake is just one of the many decisions couples must make when planning their nuptials. And so many choices! My City Magazine spoke with Rhonda Touchette-McKee, owner of Tasty Layers Custom Cakes in Burton, about the current trends and what to consider when choosing the wedding cake.

Rhonda and her staff have created luscious wedding cakes for area couples since 2009. Prior to that, she baked cakes in her home. “I have been doing it all my life,” says Rhonda. “My mom was a cake decorator and that is how I learned.”

What does a bride need to know when choosing a cake? “She needs to remember that it is indeed for her and her groom, so the design should be exactly what they want,” says Rhonda. “But keep in mind that the cake is also for their guests to enjoy, so the flavor should be something that would be pleasing to most people. She should find someone to work with who can custom-create a design for the couple that is uniquely their own.”


Metallic Accents and edible lace are hot cake trends.

Another important slice of advice: find a reputable baker who has a website and a Facebook page where you can see examples of their work. “Ask for references,” Rhonda advises, “and Google reviews of the company. A lot of people out there claim to be cake decorators – so, be cautious.” There are two full-time pastry chefs on the Tasty Layers team – three in the summertime when there are many more weddings taking place.

The latest wedding cake trend is anything metallic – gold, silver, bronze – and geometric shapes, according to Rhonda. “Edible lace and ombré are hot trends right now,” she adds. “We’re also doing a lot of cakes that we like to call ‘peek-a-boo’ cakes.” This cake style looks like a typical wedding cake on the front side, and the back side has a theme “peeking” out. Tasty Layers recently did a Star Wars-themed cake and an American Flag-theme for an active-duty groom. “These seem to be an alternative to a traditional groom’s cake,” says Rhonda.

cakes-3Different cakes are popular in each season, with designs that are often reflective of the season, especially fall and winter. Flavors are often seasonal, as well. “Pumpkin spice cake says ‘fall wedding’ all the way,” says Rhonda. “Strawberry lemonade cake screams ‘summertime’ – nice and refreshing on a hot day!” At Tasty Layers, the most popular flavor is the French vanilla cake with raspberry compote and raspberry chiffon.

cakes-2When a couple chooses Tasty Layers, Rhonda typically meets with them to get to know their personalities, and she will also host a private cake-tasting if requested. “Some brides come in with a picture they saw on Pinterest and know exactly what they want,” says Rhonda. “We help couples design a cake that is uniquely their own.” It can take anywhere from two to three hours to decorate a small, two-tier cake, and as long as three days for a six-tier, intricately designed wedding cake. “It’s fun!” Rhonda exclaims. “It is beautiful and delicious, edible art.”




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