The Greatest Mother’s Day Gift


On Mother’s Day, moms everywhere are celebrated – it’s a joyous occasion filled with flowers, gifts and delicious meals (that mom didn’t have to cook). I have many fond memories of the day spent with my own kids, relaxing, enjoying handmade cards, bouquets of flowers (sometimes wilted) and breakfasts in bed (sometimes burned) prepared by little hands.

My oldest son would always plant a rose bush for me on Mother’s Day. Sometimes we would go to a movie, to a restaurant or just stay at home and plant flowers or cook dinner on the grill. Relaxation is probably one of the most appreciated gifts for moms on their special day.

Sometimes, the celebration is less enjoyable. Last year on Mother’s Day, my daughter Melissa and I accompanied her son (my grandson) Mack to a hotel in Detroit where we spent the night before he left early the next morning for Parris Island, SC. He had just graduated from high school, turned 18 years old and joined the U.S. Marine Corp., heading off to make his own way in the world.

It was the worst Mother’s Day we had ever experienced. My daughter was terrified for him and many tears were shed. Not only did Melissa have to give up her son to the Marines, she had to do it on Mother’s Day! Mack survived boot camp and is now well into his training to become a helicopter crew chief at Camp Pendleton in California. This year, Melissa is arranging a trip to visit him there.

It’s sometimes hard for a mother to let go. I remember when my oldest grandson left to attend college at Michigan Technological University. It was very hard for my daughter to not have him home on Mother’s Day. This year, his third year at MIT, he will be going to San Antonio, TX to begin an internship. Again this year, he will not be home for Mother’s Day. But he is well on his way to a successful career.

My own son missed many Mother’s Day celebrations while attending Michigan Tech. He is now very happy and is a successful engineer in Washington State. I always receive a phone call from him wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day. Melissa, who lives nearby, always celebrates the day with her mom and tells me how much she appreciates what I have done for her.

Luckily, two of my grandsons still live at home, well on their way to following the happy and successful footsteps of their big brothers under the guidance of a mom who has taught them well. They will celebrate Mother’s Day with Melissa to honor and appreciate all she has done for them.

What is the greatest gift a mother can receive on Mother’s Day? To me, the greatest gift is watching her children grow up to become happy and successful, knowing that they appreciate everything you did to help them get there. You really can’t ask for much more than that.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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