Ten Incoming Interior Design Trends … and Five Headed Out the Door


10 New Design Trends for 2021

1. A Touch of the World
For a year straight, we dreamed of new climates and new adventures, why not reflect that in your home? World motifs are popping up all over the design spectrum, evoking thoughts of far-flung cultures and distant shores. Decorate bedrooms and bathrooms with an island, tropical rainforest, ocean or Mediterranean theme.

2. Old School Gadgets and Glam
Antiques are where it’s at! An old grandfather clock or classic painting can set a room apart from its contemporaries and serve as a great conversation piece. Rustic phones and apparatus from your great grandparent’s days are rare and in high demand.

3. The Earth as a Palette
Again, being cooped indoors has awakened a love of Mother Nature and harmony in us all and adding earthy tones to walls and cabinetry can reflect our new commitment. Rusts, greens, browns and ocean hues can help us still feel a part of the world while in our own comfort zones.

4. Houseplants
Bringing the outside is big for 2021 and the most natural way to accomplish it is to approach it literally. Houseplants can be a bit messy and a bit of a pain, but surrounding yourself with nature has its positives. Indoor plants can provide a feeling of connection with nature which can ease anxiety and lower blood pressure.

5. GrandParents Country Chic
Remember your feelings of warmth and contentment whenever you visited your grandparents’ home? A current interior design trend is to recreate that atmosphere by mimicking decor elements. Country wallpapers, embroidery and fine china can help create a nostalgic, cozy feeling.

6. Focus on the Home Office
Working from home is now a thing! Just cramming a desk into an extra room isn’t going to cut it any longer. Tailor the room to the user while blending it into the design theme of the rest of the house to create a truly standout and unique space.

7. Headboards and Canopies
Incorporating our grandparent’s style isn’t just for the main rooms of the house. Ornate headboards and canopies bring the cozy into our bedrooms and can lead to some very restful sleep.

8. Peel-n-stick Wallpaper
Oh, it’s all coming back. Self-adhesive and removable wallpaper can add visual features that will help any room “pop!” Think bathrooms and dining rooms here. If you feel like your walls are boring, it may be time to consider adding a design element and not just a color.

9. Ceramic Tiles
More and more, lavish ceramic tile backsplashes are showing up in kitchens and bathrooms. If you want a sink to make a statement, a ceramic tile design will make it happen, guaranteed.

10. Bidets
The toilet paper scare of 2020 got everyone rethinking how they self-clean. A bidet will make any homeowner feel as if they are living in luxury. If your bathroom fixtures need a shot in the … arm, consider adding a bidet.

5 Trends Heading Out the Door

  1. Shiplap – The ship has sailed.
  2. White – A lack of color is a lack of fun. Don’t be such a square.
  3. 60s & 70s Furniture – Yeah, the decades were fun, the furniture wasn’t.
  4. Sliding Barn Doors – To quote everyone’s mother, “Were you born in a barn?”
  5. Accent Walls – What’s so special about THAT wall, anyways?

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