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Taboon in Grand Blanc is known for its fresh and healthy Middle Eastern food.

“We serve fresh, Lebanese cuisine, with a French influence,” reports owner Alex Eidy, who has been at the Grand Blanc location for five years. The restaurant is most known for its delicious bread, freshly baked in a taboon (clay) oven, over an open fire.

“Our customers are impressed when they see the bowls of bread brought to their table right from the oven!” Alex exclaims. Simply made with flour, olive oil, yeast and water, the bread is served piping hot with flavorful garlic spread and a cilantro-based salsa for dipping. The bread is also good to eat with hommous, baba ghannooj (an eggplant purée) and tabbouli – a delicious, lemony herb salad of parsley, tomatoes, onions, cracked wheat and spices.


“Grand Blanc is a nice city. I know my customers by name and I know their families. They come to Taboon to celebrate many occasions and I share their happiness and their sadness.” Alex Eidy



Alex is the primary chef and with the help of three cooks, prepares the tasty dishes using special recipes that are only found at Taboon. A staff of about 15 employees and family members help keep the restaurant running smoothly and the service fast and efficient.

Some of Taboon’s more popular dinners are the sautéed lamb, beef and chicken. “It tastes amazing,” boasts the owner. “It’s char-grilled, very juicy and tender.”

All dinners are served with French fries, rice or grilled veggies, soup or salad, and bread. Shrimp Ghallaba is also very popular – shrimp sautéed with vegetables and special spices. Mama’s Kitchen offers several specialty dishes, including stuffed cabbage, stuffed grape leaves, and mjadra (lentils and cracked wheat cooked with onions and olive oil). Kibbee, another favorite, is ground lamb mixed with cracked wheat and served raw or fried. The vegetarian Falafel sandwich is a patty made of ground chickpeas, fava beans, tahini, sesame, lemon zest, olive oil, salt and garlic.   


Rounding out the menu is an array of healthy salads including Fattoosh – a large, fresh salad tossed with toasted pita bread – Greek salad, spinach salad, and chicken or beef Shawarma salad, to name a just a few. There is also a variety of fresh, raw juices, such as fresh-squeezed apple, carrot, carrot-apple and carrot-beet, as well as lemonade, strawberry lemonade, and mango lemonade. Also on the beverage menu are smoothies, potassium broth, and Power Ale made from carrot, spinach, celery, radish and beet juices. Taboon also caters food for many area events.

Alex enjoys owning the popular eatery. “Grand Blanc is a nice city,” he says. “I know my customers by name and I know their families. They come to Taboon to celebrate many occasions and I share their happiness and their sadness.” He recommends that first-time customers taste the hommous and the garlic spread rolled in the hot, fresh bread. “You will be impressed,” he smiles, and if a new diner doesn’t like it, they won’t have to pay for it. “Come in and try it before you judge it,” he adds.

Alex loves the restaurant business because he loves people. “I like to eat and I’m happy serving people what I like to eat,” he shares. “Come try our food. It’s healthy and tasty with nice spices and a distinctive flavor. We are the home of fresh and healthy food.”

Photography by Eric Dutro



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