Summer Trends from Yesteryear


Remakes are everywhere right now – from TV shows to movies to music – even history tends to repeat itself. And fashion is no different. Styles have a tendency to show up again every few decades. As teens of the ‘90s, some of us wish we had held on to our clothing from that decade. Let’s take a look at what’s as trendy now as it was years ago.

As they were in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, florals are popular again. Maybe you’ve seen floral dresses in some of the stores lately designed with long sleeves and high necklines reminiscent of “Little House on the Prairie.” And maybe (just like us), you’re shaking your head and saying “nope” when you see them! A better, updated floral look can be found at SHIFT in Downtown Flint. Check out the Julie Bown Clairemont halter dress for the perfect summer wedding look. Or the bright colors of the Allison Natalie dress, which are a perfect choice for dinner out or strolling through an art fair.

The Sugarlips Kailua dress combines a few ‘80s trends that have returned: puffed sleeves, a floral print and ruffled skirt. The large flower pattern keeps your look updated minus the “Laura Ingalls Wilder” vibe.

Ah, the ruffles! As a young girl in the ‘80s, one of us had a much-loved ruffled skirt; the matching top had “My Little Pony” on the front. Fortunately, we can still embrace ruffles today and leave the “kiddie” look behind. Ruffles. Are. Everywhere! They are adorning necklines, on sleeves, hemlines, down the front of a top – there’s no limit to where you’ll find them. At SHIFT, we think the ruffle trend is so much fun because it is youthful, but you can control how youthful an outfit is by the placement and number of ruffles. The simple ruffled neckline of the Gretchen Scott Sundial dress adds a touch of fun and interest to the elegant silhouette. The neckline and cascading ruffles on the THML Smocked Confetti Flutter top are perfect for adding a special touch to your favorite jeans. If you’re really a ruffle (and floral!) fan, check out the Sugarlips Nani ruffled skirt. It’s the best way to elevate your favorite tee.

One more trend from yesteryear that we can’t ignore is the puffed sleeve. It’s a fun way to add interest to an otherwise basic style, like the striped Duffield Lane Jordan top – a great addition to your white jeans for summer. Want to get more creative with your sleeves? You can’t beat the THML Embroidered Balloon Sleeve top. The vibrant colors pair perfectly with any neutral bottom.

So, after your next shopping trip, pull on your new favorite ruffled, floral puffed-sleeve top, turn on an episode of your favorite ‘80s or ‘90s sitcom (remember those?) and let the nostalgic memories of a simpler time wash over you.



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