Style Your Summer!


While fashion designers rarely reach a consensus on color these days, mood-boosting rainbow hues are abundant and here to stay. Remember the color of the year is magenta – a pinky shade of red, more berry than anything. Shades of orange, yellow and cool blues are also topping the charts of style points and should not be ignored in warmer, sunny summer weather.

Just the same, denim stays firmly as a staple and designers appear to be bewitched by shiny silver. Less obvious than gold, more daring than black, it’s the Cool Girl option for summer. Gorgeous accessories, from spicy silver joggers to white denim paired with a silvery gray-marl tank is low-key luxe at its finest. Wearing metallics feels opulent and luxurious, and when worn around the face, the inherent light-reflecting qualities can provide us with a youthful, radiant glow.

It’s no wonder, then, that last fall’s runways were awash with swathes of silver, gold and bronze. Tom Ford’s show was an all-out disco with sequins and shiny separates dominating the show, all accessorized with bold, glittering earrings – and well, you know how we LOVE fabulous earrings and accessories at SHIFT!

That said, go for the metallics but be mindful that low-key luxe is going to take us from summer into fall with a throwback grunge vibe and layered looks. Be sure to find great denim and well-fitting tank tops to go under a variety of summer-weight sweaters, button-down shirts and cute jackets for bonfires and chillier evening events. As the economy has shifted, low-key luxe and comfortable styles will take center stage again.

STYLE ALERT: The micro-bag is dead … long live the slouchy shoulder bag, the bucket bag and the practical tote! This summer, use the versatile Mary Poppins-proportioned day bag that can transport your laptop and your yoga gear, too. Find a bag that speaks to your style and color preference but that might also carry your pickleball paddles, your mini-cooler with iced tea or seltzers and your sunscreen for ALL. THE. THINGS. this summer will bring!

If you’re going to be hosting, be the fabulous, stylish hostess with the mostest with the cutest paper products on the market! Choose plates and napkins with seasonal colors, borders and unique shapes like the fabulous, rectangular POPS for your table from SHIFT! Pair with printed napkins featuring bicycles, paddle ball racquets, American flags, nautical buoys to spice up everything from cookouts and picnics to Sunday suppers! Pack these in your bucket bag, rubber or canvas tote and live your best, happiest June life


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