Spring Forward!


The time is here for flowers to bloom and nails to sparkle with brand new pastel colors for spring!

Spring cleaning is also on everyone’s to-do list – we’re packing up winter clothes to make room in our closets for fresh, new, spring pieces. Let me help you choose some key items and trends that will help you look fabulous during this spring season.

STYLE-0774 copy

Natural, Big and Curly Hair

Don’t tame the big, frizzy curl this season. Let it all hang out! Brush out your pretty ringlets and leave a little frizz for a romantic touch.

Bold Prints

There are so many ways you can add prints to your wardrobe this season, with a bold printed skirt, dress or even a small bag.


Pastel colors bring a soft, yet beautiful colorway to your everyday look. You can opt to add a pastel stripe paired with a neutral tone (as shown on model) or a solid pastel top or nail polish.

STYLE-0830 copy

The Fanny Pack

Waist bags are back! Who doesn’t want to be hands-free while carrying all of your essentials? A fanny pack adds a trendy vibe to any look.


I know – the idea of wearing socks with a strappy sandal may make you cringe, but don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! Adding a cute sock to an open toe sandal is an edgy look.


This trend can be worn as an off-the-shoulder, ruffled top or even a hi-lo skirt. You can show just enough skin and still have a classy persona.

STYLE-0759 copyDIY Tip

The skirt shown was not made with a hi-lo hemline; we pinned it on the model to create the look. You can do this, too. Take a straight-hem skirt and use a safety pin to take away some length in the front. It will definitely add glam to your look … try it!

Spring forward with these trends and tips! Don’t be afraid to try something new. Remember, donate all of the pieces in your closet that don’t make you happy!



Models: Jalicia Owens and Kyndal Quince
Fashions Provided by Fannie Lucille.com
Makeup: Ranesha Cavette
Instagram| @beauty_mark_
Makeup: Savannah Washington
Instagram | @dollface_
Stylist: Kala Wilburn
Accessories: Target.com
Special thanks to Vogt’s Flowers & Gifts,728 W. Garland St., Flint

Photography by Jennifer Hodney


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