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Jashell Mitchell is perfectly content to work in the background – in fact, that’s the whole point. “It’s in the name of the foundation. We like to work behind the scenes,” she says. “We want the focus to be on those we support. We would rather be invisible.”

Mitchell founded Invisible Giants Legacy & Leadership Foundation in 2019 with the mission to “assist and educate youth and adults in the Flint, Michigan community through quality-of-life programming in the areas of sports, recreation, education, health & wellness, and entrepreneurship.” Mitchell’s goal was to share her passion for helping others receive opportunities they never believed possible. “I have always been an advocate of helping students achieve a brighter future,” she says. “We want to be a beacon of hope.”

“We want to help inspire our youth and young adults with education, wellness and more.”
Jashell Mitchell

With a diverse governing board including members from across the country and all walks of life, Invisible Giants works with all demographics and interests when sponsoring community youth, adults and programs in alignment with its mission. “We help provide opportunity. For example, we recently sponsored a youth who was interested in learning how to cook,” Mitchell explains. “We were able to partner with a local organization to make it happen.”

Since its inception, Invisible Giants sponsored more than 80 area youth to play in the Flintstone Elite Flag Football League in partnership with Flint PAL and Hurley Children’s Health Initiative; held workshops to promote entrepreneurship, financial literacy and business ownership; held health and wellness workshops in yoga and mindfulness in collaboration with the Crim Fitness Foundation; sponsored multiple youths in a recent cake-decorating camp and continues to support multiple area college students as they work through their major course of study by providing financials for books and development, professional connections and mentorships, and a listening ear when things get tough. On Mother’s Day, Invisible Giants held a tribute with Detroit Piston’s guard, Rodney McGruder, and provided small “thank you” packages to ten mothers in Flint and Detroit. In addition, Mitchell plans to sponsor a number of families for the holidays this fall. With so much to keep track of, she often feels like her head’s spinning, but it’s all worth it. “Oh, yes!” she laughs.

In order to maximize its potential, the Foundation joins forces with multiple area organizations such as Crim Fitness Foundation, Flint Development Center, Sylvester Broome and others. “We believe that collaboration, partnership and communication is the best way to continue Flint’s resurgence,” adds Mitchell. “There are great organizations, people and charities doing great things in Flint; but a lot of them are working alone. The only way for Flint to really shine is to work together.” Mitchell is always looking to partner with any organization that is working for the betterment of Greater Flint and its citizens.

Invisible Giants has hit the ground running and has no plans to slow down. Mitchell continues to identify need and work to mitigate it; but some needs are bigger than others and will require help. “We need more establishments across the city that provide opportunities, resources and recreation,” she says. “On the north side of the city, there are barely any secondary schools open and even fewer elementary schools. Most youth can’t afford to go to the ‘Y’ or UM-Flint Rec Center and most have trouble with transportation. Another facility on the north end would really help.” Mitchell would also like to see a bigger emphasis on the positive things going on in Flint, more collaboration from everyone and support from the community.

“I would love to see Flint become a vibrant place with opportunities for everyone,” adds Mitchell. “We want to help inspire our youth and young adults with education, wellness and more. Flint is changing for the better and Invisible Giants can be a big part of it.”

You can help support Invisible Giants Legacy & Leadership Foundation with monetary donations, collaborating with the organization and being positive about the city. “If you are an organization that would like to work with us to benefit Flint in the areas of education, sports and recreation, please do not hesitate to contact us,” adds Mitchell. “Visit our website and click on the “Contact Us” link or call 810.819.5899.”

Board Members

  • Jashell Mitchell – Flint, MI
  • ShaQuandra Jamison – Flint, MI
  • Kellen Brandon – Flint, MI
  • Rochonda Woodard – Flint, MI
  • Nicole Piscitelli – Durham, NC
  • Maulana Dotch – Houston, TX
  • Karissa Poe – Clarksville, TN

Photos provided by Jashell Mitchell



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