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Engagement and wedding rings are symbols of the commitment of marriage, and often the first big decision a couple makes together. According to Ronny Medawar, President of Medawar Jewelers, current trends in engagement/wedding rings include organic styles with side carvings, and simple, elegant styles with the focus on the center diamond, complimented by a wedding band with larger diamonds to sit aside the engagement ring.

“The most popular engagement ring style we see in our store today is a round, brilliant-cut center diamond with a simple, straight row of diamonds on each side, complimented by a band of the same width, thinner or wider, also with a straight row of diamonds,” Medawar states.

For women, the classic diamond eternity band continues to endure, while wedding band trends for men include materials other than silver and gold: tungsten carbide, titanium, rosewood and ceramic.


“When choosing an engagement ring, the top consideration is personal style – the ring needs to fit her personality.”

Ronny Medawar, President
Medawar Jewelers

3093 S Linden Rd. Flint, MI 48507

Finishing Touches

When choosing jewelry, keep in mind that it should complement without overpowering your gown’s silhouette and style.

The new “something blue” – turquoise pairs best with pure, crisp whites and a laid-back vibe such as a beach or mountaintop ceremony.

Both white and bright enamel pieces can transition easily from wedding day into day-to-day wear.

Pearls and baguette diamond jewelry are timelessly elegant.

Another example of the “Meghan Markle Effect” – tiaras are a go-to accessory.

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