Remember Your College Days?


Going to college is an important time of transition both personally and intellectually. As young adults, we try to settle on a major field of study (sometimes changing majors multiple times) while trying to figure out who we are as individuals, which values and beliefs define us and how our future careers can utilize the absolute best of who we are. We try to maintain a few connections with old friends while enthusiastically building new friendships, joining clubs, socializing, getting a college job and experiencing new things. Some choose to move away from home and stay in residence halls; others commute to campus or take courses online. Older students going back to finish a degree or pursue a career change enter a new stage in life as they step back into the classroom, accepting all of the challenges and family sacrifices that go along with their decision.

No matter our age or the type of learning environment we choose, the hours of reading, the many class discussions and the interactions with fellow students and professors all help to pave our path toward success. It is not an easy path to take, and we will experience disappointments and failures as well as great personal achievements – but it is a worthwhile endeavor. Like new college students trying to define and achieve their future dreams, the City of Flint is transitioning into a vibrant collegiate atmosphere for a diverse population – and that is a very promising and exciting outlook for our city.


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