“Remember the Titans” To Play At The Capitol Theatre


On Friday, March 13, “Remember the Titans” will play at the historic Capitol Theatre at 7pm. Tickets are $10 per adult and $3 for children age 12 and under. For Genesee County Residents tickets are $5 per adult and only $1.50 for children age 12 and under. Tickets may be purchased at The Whiting box office, at the Flint Farmers’ Market and at capitoltheatreflint.com.

“Remember the Titans” tells the story of integration and brotherhood in Virginia during the early 1970s. In the city of Alexandria, high school football was an institution. Two segregated high schools are closed and forced to integrate. Two belief systems collide when a young, black coach, played by Denzel Washington, is chosen to run the football team over a legendary, successful white coach. Emotions run hot as the team begins to understand and accept each other as equals. “Remember the Titans” is based on a true story and teaches a message that many still have not seemed to learn. We are all equals and the color of our skin should never set us apart.


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