From the Publisher April 2017


Dear Readers,

It just occurred to me that every time I write this letter, I have trouble fitting in all my comments on our great content … no exception with this issue.

When our team sits around the table at our editorial meetings, we get particularly excited about story ideas that involve kids. This month, we have a trio of pieces about young people who are passionate, civic minded and giving. I am blown away by the talent and drive represented in these stories. Really great stuff.

He’s not a kid, but he IS “The People’s Sheriff.” Check out our “My Day” piece on Sheriff Robert Pickell. So glad he made time to make it happen. Add to this the “My Arts” profile of my friend Greg Fiedler, the president of the Greater Flint Arts Council and a true art lover; a cool “My Sport” piece on a former UM-Flint professor now working with the Boston Red Sox; and our new (and so inspiring) “My Hero” feature. It’s a variety of quality content that no other local magazine can touch. Period.

Of course, there is much more to enjoy in this issue. A delicious-looking “My Eats” feature, our annual fun and informative “Home & Garden” section, and lots of local happenings. Always so much going on! I can’t say it enough: the people of Greater Flint are truly a giving bunch. Hundreds of faces in this issue – did we snap you?

Our “My Haps” section is just one reason that MCM is one of the top-selling magazines at Flint’s Barnes & Noble store. In fact, people call us to complain that it’s sold out! I get compliments every day about our content and what My City is doing for Greater Flint. It’s about integrity. If we don’t think our readers will find a story interesting or special, it doesn’t get printed. If a photo isn’t great, it doesn’t get printed.

Publications around the country have failed because they didn’t support and enrich the communities they claim to serve. The MCM subscriber base continues to grow because we really care about what we do. Our subscribers also received the spring issue of My City Wellness with their April magazines, with more stories of local interest and articles written by area health professionals.

A city magazine should not be driven by advertising revenue, but all about stories with local flavor that are real and engaging.

On that note, enjoy!


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