Plant a Tree! 10 Tips for Success



  1. The time to start planting is after the ground is thawed in spring – around mid-April.
  2. Check your soil to see if it is clay or sandy; if so, it may need to be treated.
  3. Dig the hole twice as wide as the root container and the same depth as the container.
  4. Remove the tree from the root container. If the roots are bound, make 4 vertical cuts into the root-ball and feather out some of the roots by hand.
  5. Put a couple handfuls of organic material such as compost, peat or aged manure in the bottom of the hole and amend the soil that was in the hole with the same organic material at a ratio of 35% organic material to soil. Lower the tree into the hole.
  6. Use a plant starter, such as Biotone®, according to instructions. Backfill with amended soil and pack tight.
  7. Water the tree next to the trunk with a hose on a slow trickle and check daily to see if the soil is moist enough. Be sure to water thoroughly.
  8. Trees need to be fertilized during the months of April, July and September – starting the year planted and every subsequent year.
  9. For newly planted and young trees, protect the bark during the winter months from pest troubles (rabbits, mice, voles, deer, etc.) by wrapping the trunk with tree wrap.
  10. Trees can be planted any time until the ground freezes for winter.


Provided by Kevin Mair
Tree & Shrub Retail Manager – 14 years at Wojo’s Garden Splendors
Photo by Kayce McClure



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