Need Energy? Eat Green!


Welcome to 2018 and congratulations – you’ve made it through another year!

In this time of renewed hope and motivation, we re-imagine our goals and purpose for living. The best way to ensure success is to give yourself every advantage. When it comes to a personal improvement, or any other kind of a plan, the more detail you put into it, the higher the success rate. A lot of strategies are common knowledge: practical things such as starting right away, writing out your goals and a detailed plan, keeping records and rewarding yourself, are great advice. The more you do to visualize yourself as successful, the higher the likelihood is that you’ll succeed.


At The Local Grocer, we know that when it comes to your body, you get out what you put into it. Having fully-functioning systems, including a healthy immune system, is necessary to achieve your goals. An inefficient body can lead to things from minor discomfort to disease. Among the strongest advantages to overcoming obstacles are a clear head and healthy body. Today, the impact of stress, environmental pollutants, and excess bodily waste have taken on the vague and ubiquitous label of “toxins.” And, many new food products are claiming to have the power to detoxify, or “detox” your body. Due to the volume of detoxification products and theories, we try to focus on natural foods that help the body do the amazing work of protecting and repairing itself, and getting you across the finish line.

This year, let’s try motivating ourselves from the inside. Eating foods that encourage your body toward balance will help you power through your list of resolutions. Foods like beets, garlic, cilantro, citrus, blueberries and chia seeds can all be classified as “detox” foods.

Kale is on the list of cleansers and this Kale Detox Salad is sure to satisfy your cravings and get your body working the way it should. The ingredients include kale, roasted chickpeas, carrots and potatoes topped with pesto or your favorite dressing. This salad bowl is packed with protein and unbelievably delicious! Adding a few green vegetables to your daily diet will enhance your nutrition and increase detox support. Enjoy!


Photography by Eric Dutro


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