Mid Michigan AMBUCS Bike Giveaway 2015Bikes for Trykes Fundraiser Success


Zack Cook, a 2014 Tryke recipient, was there to see his father Greg Cook get a bike himself.

Mid Michigan AMBUCS gave away custom hand/foot therapy tricycles for disabled children and disabled veterans on August 30th, 2015. This past Sunday, several received the highly-anticipated therapy tricycles: Jaidyn Grundy, Blake Noto, Noah Thomson, Greg Cook, Bear, and Dennis Kuehn.

At the beginning of August, 300 bikes were registered for the fundraiser, and 500 people joined in the fun, raising $10,000 for those who could benefit from using the therapy tricycles.

Last year, Greg Cook’s son, Zack Cook, received one of the tricycles, courtesy of the hard work of Mid-Michigan AMBUCS and all those who participated at the fundraiser held at Scooter’s Bar & Grill. This year, children and vets are able to continue enjoying the joy these tricycles can bring.


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