Making Memories Brick Street of Grand Blanc


Brick Street of Grand Blanc is not just a restaurant – it’s an experience! The pub, patio and variety of dining spaces and banquet rooms offer the ideal place to enjoy a casual meal or fine dining experience, enjoy entertainment or hold your special event. The popular restaurant, which is centrally located, opened in 2001 and is owned by Michael and Jackie Jablonski who have been in the food and entertainment business for many years.

“We are constantly making new memories for our guests at Brick Street. It’s got a new life every day.”
Michael Jablonski

What is Brick Street? “We have several identities,” Jablonski shares. “We are an old-school style of restaurant, which is something I want to maintain, and we are one of just a few places that provides full service for events.” He also noted that the experience is different for everyone. Many people love the Brick Street Pub, with seating for 130 people, and there are many charming indoor areas to choose from for a special dining experience, including four dining rooms and private dining rooms. From May to September, the spacious outdoor patio is typically packed with diners enjoying live entertainment.

Like many other area eateries, Brick Street endured some dark times over the past couple of years and was closed during the pandemic shutdown; but Jablonski remained positive. “Due to supply and staffing issues, things had to change,” he states. One thing that changed is the hours of operation – the restaurant is currently open from 3-10pm on Tuesday-Friday and noon-10pm on Saturday and Sunday (closed on Monday). “We had to adapt and plan for the future,” he explains. However, they plan to expand business hours by re-opening for lunch in the near future.

A staff of 42 employees have helped Brick Street of Grand Blanc remain a popular dining destination and continue to grow. “I’m fortunate,” says the owner. “I have key people who have been with me a long time.
I have some great employees.” One of those employees is Banquet Manager, Judith Bertram. “I can’t say enough about her,” says Jablonski. Also on staff for over ten years is 26-year-old General Manager Alan Mulholland, who started as a busboy and worked his way up. “He’s done every job here!” Jablonski exclaims. Other key employees include Assistant Manager Tracie Richardson; Kalen McIntosh, who is in charge of the pantry; and bartenders Joe Nagy and Scott Smith. “I believe I have two of the best bartenders in town,” Jablonski adds.

Owner Michael Jablonski is proud to have many longtime key staff members, including Chef James Tyler.

Preparing the delicious variety of dishes are Chefs James Tyler and Peter Woodman, with assistance from Sous Chef Eric Pickens, Jr. “They have all been with me a long time and are fabulous people.” Although Jablonski says he has no intention of getting out of the restaurant business any time soon, he is working with his valued staff to pass the torch when he does. “My legacy is going to be my staff. I want them to be prepared for life and for business.”

The food is one driving factor of Brick Street’s success. The menu changes almost every week and is much smaller now.
One of the most popular entrees is the glazed mango salmon, brushed with mango BBQ sauce and baked, then topped with citrus relish, served with mashed sweet potato and vegetable du jour. Another favorite is Bangkok chicken
(below) – a stir-fry with oriental vegetables, bell peppers, red onion, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, fried rice and chili glaze. “And our BBQ baby back ribs are fabulous,” the owner exclaims. “We smoke them outside on the premises.”

A new menu addition has personal meaning to Jablonski, as it was created in honor of his father, Raymond Jablonski. The dish, Raymond’s Polish Dinner, was one of his dad’s favorite meals: grilled Polish sausage, sauerkraut and stuffed cabbage rolls served with potatoes. “Raymond was a wonderful person,” says Jablonski. “He taught me a lot. I want to remember my father and publicly keep his memory alive.”

Also very popular are the Thai Lettuce Wraps on the appetizer menu. The “build your own” plate (below) includes char-grilled Teriyaki chicken, carrots, julienne peppers, crispy wontons, sesame-pickled cucumbers and leaf lettuce leaves – served with three flavorful sauces: red chili, orange ginger and jalapeno.

Brick Street is well known as the place to go for your special event – wedding receptions, showers, business dinners, graduation parties, funeral dinners and more. Jablonski remembers one day when there was an event going on in every banquet room. “A baby shower, wedding reception and funeral dinner were all held at the same time,” he remembers. “We experience the circle of life here.”

On the second Thursday of each month, Brick Street has a wine gathering and the multi-talented Jablonski himself provides the entertainment – playing the piano and singing. “A lot of people come to this!” he exclaims with a smile.

The customers are what make the care and attention to details that Jablonski is known for all worthwhile. “I have to give a shout out to my wife, Jackie,” he says, adding they have been married for 40 years. “She is the love of my life and has been with me every step of the way.”

Jablonksi’s vision for Brick Street of Grand Blanc has always been to provide a great experience and a place where people make memories. “I love our customer base,” he says. “There are a lot of regulars and many people have known us for many years. Their support is unbelievable.” And, the key to the restaurant’s continued success is providing great service, which Jablonski says they will continue elevating to the next level. “We are constantly making new memories for our guests at Brick Street. It’s got a new life every day.”


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