It’s a Plaid-tastic celebration this Friday, October 4.


Put on your Plaid for Plaidurday this Friday! Started by a young gentleman in Lansing after facing harsh ridicule due to his consistently-worn plaid attire, Plaidurday is an amazing world-wide celebration of Plaid. It may be the greatest holiday that ever existed. Join the most wonderful people in the world – wearers of plaid. It doesn’t matter what you have, if its plaid put it on.

According to the, here are some celebration ideas.



  1. Take a photo in your plaid and share with #plaidurday so we can see all your beautiful faces
  2. Give a high five to others wearing plaid
  3. See someone wearing polka dots? Encourage them to try some plaid
  4. Help others in need by donating clothes to shelters and second hand shops
  5. Give lots of compliments. They’ll see your plaid and think, “Gosh, people who wear plaid are really nice!”
  6. Bake plaid cookies, cakes, and other tasty treats
  7. Make plaid crafts, Plaidurday cards, and let your creativity shine
  8. Give the gift of plaid to friends and family
  9. Organize a staff or classroom photo
  10. Look good, feel good, and spread some cheer, because we’re all connected by a common thread


Join in this Friday and have a happy Plaidurday!


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