International Investing in Portfolios: The Power of Global Diversification


In  today’s interconnected world, international investing has become a fundamental strategy for building diversified and resilient investment portfolios. International assets offer numerous advantages that can enhance portfolio performance and risk management. When we look at the idea of diversification in a portfolio, its purpose is to help create a portfolio designed to weather various economic and market conditions. International investing is a key factor of this resilience-building strategy and we will explain why.

Investing solely in your domestic market can expose your portfolio to the economic fortunes and downturns of a single country and like all investing, our goal is to diversify risk as much as possible. International investing allows you to spread this risk by accessing a wide range of economies, each with its own unique characteristics, growth potential and market cycles. Correlation measures how two assets move in relation to each other. Investing in international assets can help reduce the correlation risk with your domestic investments; when domestic markets suffer, international markets may remain resilient, helping to mitigate losses.

International markets provide access to various asset classes that may not be readily available or as pronounced in your home country. These asset classes can include foreign equities, bonds, real estate and alternative investments, offering diversification beyond what domestic markets can offer. Different countries have varying sector and industry compositions. By investing internationally, you can gain exposure to sectors that may be underrepresented or entirely absent in your domestic market – such as technology giants in Asia or natural resource companies in Latin America.

International investing exposes you to currencies other than your home currency, which is important to recognize since most do not understand how currency fluctuations can affect portfolios. This means it can also serve as a hedge against currency risk. When your domestic currency depreciates, investments denominated in other currencies can help protect your purchasing power.

Emerging markets offer substantial growth potential given that a large number of companies are potentially not in established industries or sectors. By investing internationally, you can capture the rapid economic expansion of countries that may not be present in your home market. These growth opportunities can boost your portfolio’s overall returns. Keep in mind, that with increased opportunity, also comes potential increased risk.

No matter what part of the world you are from, political and economic events in your home country can have a significant impact on your investments, so international assets can act as a buffer against local risks. For instance, if you’re concerned about inflation or political instability at home, international investments can help preserve your wealth. Different markets often experience volatility at different times. When one market is in turmoil, another may be experiencing stability. By spreading your investments across international markets, you can potentially reduce portfolio volatility and create a smoother investment journey.

In conclusion, international investing can play a pivotal role in portfolio diversification. By expanding your investment horizons beyond your domestic market, you can access a broader range of assets, help reduce risk, and potentially tap into global growth opportunities. While it’s important to be mindful of currency risk, geopolitical factors and economic conditions in foreign markets, the benefits of international diversification can be substantial and can help you achieve your long-term financial goals while helping to effectively manage risk.

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