Interior Design Forecast It’s your space!


There’s no shortage of design advice out there – but who’s to say that your super-cool wicker peacock chair is ready for the garage sale? The design authorities say that living room furniture no longer has to be a matched collection. And that big whirlpool tub in the master bath – not so hot anymore. If you’re into home décor, you might take these recommendations seriously; but after all, it is your space …

Interior designers eagerly await annual announcements from the industry regarding what’s hot and what’s not. One such announcement is the spring Pantone® color forecast. For 2015, the Color of the Year is Marsala, a “naturally robust and earthy wine red.” Warm and sophisticated, it’s a natural fit for a kitchen or dining room that can make an elegant statement or be a strong accent in home furnishings and interiors.

RedChair2014 Fads to Replace

♦ Matching Furniture
♦ Chevron Print
♦ Bright Accents
♦ Solid-painted Accent Walls

Hot Design Trends for 2015

♦ Wallpaper (it’s back!)
♦ Gold Fixtures
♦ Cowhide
♦ Blue Accents (Indigo, Deep Navy)
♦ Modern/Mid-century Modern Elements
♦ Jewel-toned Bathroom Tile
♦ DIY Pallet Furniture

The little things …

♦ Artisanal Coffee-making Equipment
♦ Sculptured Candles
♦ Animal Accents (led by peacocks & elephants)
♦ Metallic Accessories

IMG_7028The new “IT” houseplant

Pencil Cactus
Hailing from Africa, the pencil cactus (euphorbia tirucalli) can thrive on sunny windowsills across the globe. It is sometimes called Milkbush because of the milky latex that oozes from the stem when cut, which is an eye irritant and poisonous if ingested. Care for it as you would a succulent and err on the side of under-watering. As it grows, the cactus can be re-potted every year or so, and can reach a height of six feet.


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