Grill of India


North Indian cuisine is known for flavorful, thick and creamy gravies, delicious curry, unique spices and its use of dairy products such as cream, cottage cheese, ghee and yogurt. And there is no better way to warm up on a cold, wintry day than to experience some authentic and comforting North Indian food at Grill of India in Flint Township.


“A lot of my customers are regulars, and they come here as often as three or four times a week.” Manjit Singh, owner/chef

The proprietor, Manjit Singh, is a native of North India who grew up in Houston, TX. He moved to Flint a little over ten years ago to bring the taste of North Indian cooking to this area. And the food – from delicious Butter Chicken to freshly-baked breads like naan, roti and bhatura – has attracted many loyal fans over the years. “A lot of my customers are regulars,” says Manjit, “and they come here as often as three or four times a week.”

Grill of India is run by a five-member staff and Manjit does most of the cooking. The place opens Monday through Friday to serve a lunch buffet from 11am until 2:30pm, and dinner is served from 5-10pm on Monday through Saturday. According to Manjit, the most frequently ordered dish is the Butter Chicken. “It’s the butter sauce that makes it so special,” he says. Patrons also love garlic naan, a flat white bread made from scratch, stuffed with garlic and baked in a clay oven. People also like the seafood and curry dishes, reports the owner. Seafood favorites include Fish Masala, which is fresh salmon marinated in yogurt, then skewered and cooked in special herbs and spices. Fish Tikka is fresh salmon marinated in a special herb and spice blend, also cooked in a clay oven. Frequent diners often choose dishes cooked Tandoori style, which is a method of cooking in a clay oven. Grill of India’s Tandoori Chicken is marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices. For those with a sweet tooth, the go-to desserts include Rice Kheer, a sweetened rice pudding, and Rus Malai, milk patties dipped in a creamy sauce. A preferred beverage is Mango Lassi, a refreshing blend of yogurt, mango pulp and sugar.

Randy and Jan Bruce have been Grill of India patrons since the day it opened and the couple has built a relationship with Manjit and his family. “It is just a great place to eat!” Randy exclaims. “The buffet is consistently good.” Randy enjoys the variety of vegetarian entrées on the menu and Jan likes the Butter Chicken. The Bruces frequently order Saag Paneer, a dish made with spinach, handmade cottage cheese cubes and spices. They also love the garlic naan. “They make it fresh and it’s served hot out of the Tandoori oven,” Randy says. His all-time favorite dish is the Fish Tikka. “It’s the best salmon you’ll ever have,” he says.

As big fans of Indian cuisine, Randy and Jan have eaten at Indian restaurants all over the state, in Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor and Lansing, but find Grill of India to be truly top-notch. “It’s one of the best!”



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