From the PublisherOctober 2019


Dear Readers,

I’m writing this letter on the first day of fall … where did summer go? We were blessed with great weather for some of Greater Flint’s most exciting events – I hope you were able to attend. If not, you can always count on MCM to be there to capture the action and many, many faces. Fall is such a beautiful time in Michigan (#football). See our “Autumn Bucket List” of ideas for enjoying the season. Time to unpack your sweaters and start checking off the list!

We’ve titled this month’s issue “International Flint” and dedicated a section to highlighting some of the many cultures that are co-existing in our area and helping to move Flint forward in unity. I would bet that most of you don’t know how diverse the city is! Check out the super-interesting “My Community” article. We are grateful to the community leaders who took time to contribute to this section.

We’re always excited to write about the great things and major improvements happening in Flint. Did you know that the Flint Public Library has a renovation plan in place? They hope to obtain sufficient funding for this exciting project.

Our magazine wouldn’t be complete without a mouth-watering “My Eats” layout. October is National Pizza Month, so we consulted the My City 2019 City’s Choice Award votes to create a “Best Pizza” feature. No matter how you slice it, everybody likes pizza! Give me a Luigi’s Super any day.

It’s probably obvious – the My City team works extremely hard to produce this beautiful magazine every month. I believe it could only be done by my team. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t tell me, “I love your magazine so much and I read it from front to back!” No matter where you are in Greater Flint, a doctor’s office, law office, a hospital or a business – you’ll find My City in the lobby. If you want to join over 6,000 subscribers who get this magazine delivered every month, along with our quarterly Wellness magazine, subscribe today for just $12 per year, a huge savings on the newsstand price. It makes a great gift, too.

Thanks for reading,


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