From the Publisher September 2017


I’ve said it before: we never get tired of featuring stories about the great things happening Downtown!

Located at the Ferris Wheel, GearUp Academy is helping youth to succeed in high school, be employed and pursue bigger things – a great concept. Our two “Outreach” pieces also highlight programs rooted in Downtown. Carriage Town Ministries is making Blueline Donuts (so good!) and giving their residents an opportunity for valuable job training. Also inspiring is our story about a UM-Flint professor and local pastor who are reaching out to give students real-world experience and transform lives in the process. People are doing things every day in Flint to help each other, many never receiving recognition. That’s one of the coolest things about publishing My City.

Flint is definitely a college town, and all the institutions offer exceptional opportunities. Check out the pieces on MCC’s jazz program and UM-Flint’s growing engineering department. Both are nurturing the creativity and talent of their diverse student bodies. Our “My Success” story features Dr. Aaron Kyle – a Kettering grad who has achieved impressive status in higher education at Columbia University.

One of our most popular features is “My Eats” – this month, it’s Luigi’s … if I only had a buck for every slice of that amazing, thin-crust pizza I’ve consumed over the decades! I got my “fix” last weekend and there’s some leftover in my fridge right now.

Also popular with our readers are the monthly columns written by our group of contributors – I always enjoy them and we’re happy to share them with you. Joining our new “My Style” feature this month is “My Dish.” Can’t go wrong with more food!

Recent local “Haps” have celebrated food, music, art, and the adventurous spirit of Greater Flint. And, oh yeah – CARS! We have a fun “Bricks Chicks” feature with three classic car gals who enjoy participating in Back to the Bricks.

The Downtown events do so much for Greater Flint. As I write this, hundreds of organizers and volunteers are preparing for the 41st HAP Crim Festival of Races. Like Back to the Bricks, it brings a significant and welcome revenue infusion to businesses in all sectors. Hope to see you there!


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