From the Publisher October 2022


Dear Readers,

While the term “In Memoriam” always means a loss has occurred, I am so proud to have the opportunity to acknowledge a loss and honor a friend with this publication. On this month’s cover is community leader, Albert J. Koegel. We served together on the Flint Institute of Music Board of Trustees for many years, where I considered him a mentor. As a fellow businessman and “numbers guy” I enjoyed many conversations with him about business and finance. He lived a very long, productive and meaningful life, yet he is gone too soon. For more about Mr. Koegel.

Flint’s rich history has been built on the contributions of so many people, businesses and institutions. Playing a huge role in our “College Town’’ is Kettering University, and their continued evolution is truly impressive. We got a tour of their innovative new Learning Commons.

Some people have contributed to our local history in more “down to earth” ways. Read about longtime businessperson (and fellow township supervisor) Tonya Ketzler, and the story of her family’s 170 year legacy as horticulturists.

Greater Flint is home to many businesses with long histories in Greater Flint including restaurants such as the “My Eats” subject, Brick Street of Grand Blanc. My family has enjoyed celebrating several significant events there – Michael and Jackie Jablonski are always consummate hosts.

The word “history” takes on special meaning when you talk about Berston Field House and F.W.C. Berston Boxing. Mark Spezia writes about the “blue collar basement boxing gym” that keeps churning out champions.

Just for fun, we brought back our “Spectacular, Out of this World Pet Search” – we can all use a cuteness fix these days, right? Our winner has a pretty great story – check it out. And for some Halloween fun, we have ghostly tales from around the state (if you’re into that kind of thing).

It’s definitely a transitional time of year; the outdoor event season wrapped up while the indoor season is just getting started. So much more to come!

Wrapping up the content is our fall Wellness issue including the annual Wellness Award winners. Greater Flint is home to many top-notch health care providers – congratulations to all!

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