From the Publisher November 2018


Dear Readers,

Does this cover make you hungry for pumpkin pie? While I’m missing summer pretty badly, fall is a beautiful season and I have much to be thankful for.

At My City, highlighting the arts in Greater Flint is kind of our “thing” and this month, we’re happy to feature the Visual Arts programs in four local schools. The kids and teachers had great things to say about what their art class means to them. This one was a lot of fun for our team.

Music in the schools is something that also enriches young lives, and the Flushing Marching Band is a perfect example. Being one of the state’s top bands takes a lot of work! Read about their dedication and drive to be good musicians, good people and good entertainers.

Entertainment in Flint is becoming more and more exciting! The new Buick City Event Center is open for business and has an impressive and diverse upcoming lineup: jazz, country, rap and ‘80s. Their plan is to offer something for everyone, and the venture represents a significant investment in Flint.

Are you looking for entertainment that’s a little more, shall I say, intense? I bet I’ll blow your mind when I tell you that Michigan’s largest independent pro wrestling organization is based in Flint! Pure Pro Wrestling has been around for 13 years, putting on family-friendly shows. Who knew?

What’s more family-friendly than Thanksgiving dinner? For “My Eats,” we reached out to local chefs Jody Brunori, Denny Dowdall, Beverly Biggs-Leavy and Marge Murphy who each shared a favorite recipe with us. Our thanks to all for making this feature so delicious.

Rounding out our content are 16 pages of Greater Flint faces enjoying the many annual fall events and fundraisers that kick off the season … did My City snap you?

I wish you all a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading,


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