From the Publisher March 2023


Dear Readers,

After a January that seemed to last forever and a February that flew by, it’s exciting to think that Greater Flint will soon be coming to life again!

Team My City always looks forward to covering the great spring “Happenings” that are upcoming. This is an important fundraising season for many and the community never fails to turn out in support. We will be there, capturing the happy faces of attendees and sharing them with you in the months ahead. Check out our coverage of three recent annual winter events in our HAPS section.

We’ve been fortunate to share many stories about people who are a part of Flint’s robust arts scene, and this issue includes two. We have a piece about Joe Schipani, Director of the Flint Public Art Project which has brought new life to many Flint buildings with hundreds of fun and thought-provoking murals. He is continuing to show his “Passion for Flint”. And, we received a suggestion from Ed Chiles for an article about his father-in-law, Jim Ames – an instructor at the Flint Institute of Arts for nearly 50 years. WOW! Jim is 86 and the accomplished fine artist is still helping others get better at their craft.

I’m always inspired by our “Outreach” pieces about people who realize their life’s true purpose and find fulfillment in making an impact on the lives of others. Charlotte Lancaster, founder of Building Strong Women, is one of those people. For 15 years, she has been dedicated to helping women who have found themselves in a place where she once was: homeless.

Some people find their calling in entrepreneurial pursuits, myself included. This issue includes a new series called “Milestones” which highlights local businesses celebrating anniversaries. Congrats to all!

Wrapping up the content are music, health, history, style, food, a pretty cool sports feature, our contributed columns and much more.

As spring is upon us, let’s celebrate making it through another winter and look forward to emerging from hibernation to enjoy some great times in Greater Flint.

Thanks for reading,


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