From the Publisher January 2020


Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

The start of a New Year is always a time for reflecting back – I’m always amazed when we look at the previous year of My City. Our annual “Year in Review” feature highlights the engaging variety of our content, which is always remarked about by first-time MCM readers. Look through this section and you will surely think it would be great to have a subscription! Regularly $29 for a year, it’s now just $12 for 12 issues. If nothing else, you could see your face in the magazine enjoying one of the many events we cover for every issue.

Let’s talk about this cover! A well-known community member deeply involved in moving Flint forward, Isaiah Oliver was also named one of Greater Flint’s Best Dressed. This much-anticipated feature is a departure from our more “important” stories, but great fun to do. Isaiah is a friend I had the pleasure of working with on the board of the Flint Cultural Center Corporation. Check out the rest of the notable nominees.

Another person often seen in MCM is Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell, who just retired after 20 years of service. He has been a pillar of the community, involved at almost every level as a champion of abused children, animals and the elderly. He was recognized by the public because he was out in the community, listening to their concerns. I’m proud to call him a friend and as he enters the next exciting phase of his life, I wish him the best. I’m sure I’ll still run into him having lunch at Leo’s Coney Island.

Speaking of Leo’s, feast your eyes on our “Eats” piece on Best Breakfasts. We’re featuring some of the top picks from our 2019 City’s Choice Awards. I do have to admit, breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out, especially when I travel for business or pleasure. Kind of craving a veggie omelet right now … maybe with a side of bacon.

Also in the spotlight is a man who recently came to Flint for a new career challenge: Bishop International Airport Director, Nino Sapone. He is leading the team there with a vision of expansion and maximizing the potential of BIA. Read about his background and his plans to put Flint’s airport on the map.

We’re starting another article series exploring the histories of cities and towns around Genesee County. It begins with Grand Blanc (established first). Our history pieces are super-popular and we know you’ll like this one, too. Subscribers will also notice that their January magazine includes the winter issue of My City Wellness. Enjoy!

It’s a new decade! I wish you all good health and prosperity.

Photography by Kayce McClure and Pattadis/


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