From the Publisher February 2023


Dear Readers,

At the time of this writing, the weather forecast called for a little snowfall – not typically unusual for late January, but we had definitely gotten used to not scraping off our cars and not shoveling the driveway. I have enjoyed seeing a lone swan pair still floating in front of my house on unfrozen Lake Fenton; it made me feel like winter hadn’t really arrived yet. (Who am I kidding, right?)

In our February issue, we’ve always been proud to have this platform for celebrating Black History Month, highlighting the exemplary community members recently recognized by the Genesee District Library for their contributions and achievements.

We also enjoy featuring the latest developments in Downtown Flint and have an update on the Farmers’ Market: new vendors, renovations and more.

I don’t know how many “Outreach” pieces we’ve done over the past nearly ten years, but there seems to be an endless list of groups and individuals who wake up every day with a mission to help their fellow humans. They’re not getting rich; they enrich the lives of others. Reaching out to those struggling with addiction and mental health is 513 Recovery Clubhouse, a program founded by two people in recovery who are helping others find their paths to a better life. Their unique and successful approach is getting attention from other parts of the country – awesome!

I enjoy talking with members of the community – our subscribers and those who see My City “everywhere” – about the quality of our content. My hat’s off to our entire team for making it happen! As always, the variety this month includes Arts, Sports, History, Health and Style, as well as (cue the fanfare) our annual “My Wedding” section. I’m taking credit for the fun piece on “Making Marriage Last.” As our team discussed the list of industry experts for this special section, I thought, ‘why not ask some local folks what their secret is’? They share their advice (and photos!) in this issue and we thank them all for participating.

February is known as “the month of love”– a time for Valentine’s Day and remembering the importance of love in our lives. I am blessed with much love and thankful for it every day. I wish the same for all of you.

Thanks for reading.


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