From the Publisher April 2021


Dear Readers,

When I wrote last year’s April letter, my team was deciding whether or not we could move forward with our publication due to the pandemic. We decided to go for it and make it the best magazine we could under strange operating conditions. Most unusual was our typically-packed “My Haps” section which featured only the local events that “squeaked in” under the wire before lockdown. We were unable to produce the next two issues … a heartbreaking decision. But, a year later, we’re still here.

A year later, Greater Flint looks different, as does the entire world – while somewhat better, still nearly unrecognizable. This issue includes no photos of smiling faces at local fundraising events; our hope is that citizens were still willing and able to support the organizations that do so much for our city. At this writing, a short list of “haps” is scheduled to take place in the upcoming months – count on My City to be there! The list includes the new Flint United basketball team’s first home game against the Indy Express on April 16 at Dort Financial Center. This is another great thing for Flint!

Since MCM was born nearly eight years ago, we’ve highlighted Greater Flint’s charitable organizations, on which so many depend during times of need. The “My Outreach” piece profiles Well of Hope, a nonprofit created to help break down barriers to education for children and to unify families. People are working to make a difference every day … are you?

The YWCA is preparing to offer a new and exciting resource: the Women’s Empowerment Center – with unique programs that will impact Flint’s citizens in many positive ways. And speaking of women making it happen, our “My Success” piece highlights a Greater Flint standout in many ways, who is now one of a small number of female African American airline pilots – Alexis Brown’s.

One thing that even a pandemic can’t stop: Michigan’s change of seasons. This year’s springtime rebirth is so welcome – and we’re celebrating with our annual Home & Garden section. It’s some food for thought, as our thoughts turn to improving our space and getting back to life.

Finally, I’m proud to have the opportunity to publish a tribute to a beloved citizen, Dr. Samuel Dismond, who passed away in February. His contributions to the Greater Flint healthcare community are too numerous to mention. I was honored to serve with him on the Flint Institute of Music Board of Trustees for over 15 years. His infinite wisdom and passion for helping people will be greatly missed.

Thanks for reading.


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