From the Publisher April 2019



Dear Readers,

Spring has sprung and Team My City is gearing up for the warm weather and the annual events that bring Greater Flint back to life. If you’ve not heard about the exciting new projects that are positively impacting Downtown, you’re in for a BIG surprise. I just left a business luncheon where I was updated on events scheduled this year at the new Capitol Theatre, The Whiting and other venues. I almost fell off my chair when I heard that over 200 events are coming to Flint … you read that right, over 200! So, prepare to support and enjoy our city in 2019.

I get frequent feedback from readers about our inspirational stories. In this issue, we highlight two Flint residents who were incarcerated for several years only to be released and face many roadblocks to societal re-entry. They didn’t give up – instead, they started a 501c3 and now, M.A.D.E. Institute helps former inmates start anew. Along those lines, another man rose above adversity and now gives youth a chance to learn a trade as he imparts his message of faith and steers them toward the right path. Read “Wired to Transform Lives”.

Many lives are changing with the passage of recreational marijuana legislation last November. The Michigan Legislature and local governments are scrambling to interpret the ballot language and create laws. Find the facts in “Recreational Marijuana: What You Need to Know”

I’m glad I just had lunch – our “My Eats” photos will make your mouth water! Read about a new Fenton dining destination, Andiamo Restaurant. It has it all … amazing food and spirits and a gorgeous, inviting atmosphere. I recently enjoyed a great meal there with friends.

Our music features are always popular – this month’s subject is a rock band called Loxodon. I’m so glad rock is making a comeback! These guys are livin’ the dream as part of Flint’s music community. On the other end of the arts spectrum are the Flint Community Players, celebrating 90 years of dedication to quality theater entertainment. I’ve thought of auditioning … someday.

Greater Flint will soon be entertained by a semi-pro soccer team: The Flint City Bucks will play at Atwood Stadium starting May 4. More exciting news for Flint!

Don’t miss our “My History” series installment (the 40s) and finally, we’re celebrating spring in a special Home & Garden section that has info about community beautification, expert gardening and planting tips, and more. Enjoy!

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